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S129. Islamic astronomy in its cultural context
Sponsoring bodies:
CHAMA: DHST Commission for the History of Ancient and Medieval Astronomy
CHOSTIS: DHST Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies
Wed 24 July, 14:00–17:30 ▪ Schuster Blackett
Symposium organisers:
Josep Casulleras | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Robert Morrison | Bowdoin College, United States
S129-A. Cosmography and hay'a
Wed 24 July, 14:00–15:30Schuster Blackett
Chair: Jan Hogendijk | University of Utrecht, Netherlands
Josep Casulleras | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Taro Mimura | University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Marc Oliveras | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
S129-B. Observational astronomy and its applications
Wed 24 July, 16:00–17:30Schuster Blackett
Chair: Josep Casulleras | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Julio Samsó | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Petra G. Schmidl | Universität Bonn, Germany
María José Parra | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Symposium abstract

Within Islamic civilization, the sciences of the stars have attracted the most scholarly attention over the years and have also been the locus for some of Islamic societies’ most notable achievements. Therefore, CHOSTIS and CHAMA have collaborated on a special session entitled ‘Islamic Astronomy in its Cultural Context’. This panel covers a remarkable range of topics, from theoretical astronomy, to handbooks with tables, to astrology.

Location: Schuster Building Blackett Theatre
Part of: Schuster Building