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The Turing Machine Opera, with Decode/Recode (Tuesday performance)
Event code: L347
Sponsoring bodies:
Manchester Metropolitan University
City of Helsinki
Music Finland
Tue 23 July, 18:15–20:00Capitol Theatre

The mathematician Alan Turing spent his final six years at the University of Manchester. Turing won little fame in his own lifetime, but is now seen to have made history in many ways across his extraordinary career. Turing conceptualised the universal machine which underpins the computer revolution, led the assault on the U-boat Enigma cipher during the Second World War, and made influential early explorations of the idea that machines might think. Turing was also ostracized for his sexual orientation, and his suicide remains one of the many mysteries of his life.

This event represents a unique opportunity to learn more about Alan Turing’s life and career through outstanding performances uniting art, music, videos and media.  Helsinki’s Ooppera Skaala brings Turing to the stage with a multimedia opera weaving together soaring, emotionally charged vocal lines with atmospheric ambient soundscapes and sampled electronic rhythms. The intimate and intense opera for two singers and one dancer is set off by stunning 3D graphics.

The opera is performed in English.

For further information about the Opera, see the website: www.oopperaskaala.fi/turing-machine/#more-226

Before the performance, guests will be given an opportunity to take part to the global networked interactive event Decode/Recode. Designed last year at Manchester Metropolitan University to celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing's birth, Decode/Recode is a collective media performance with interactive artworks, sound, lights, performers and VJs. Feel free to bring with you your own laptop, phone or internet-connecting device to be part of it!

For further information about Decode/Recode, see the website: decoderecode.tumblr.com

This event is open to registered Congress attendees and accompanying people at a charge of £10 (discounted from the general sale price of £15). The price includes a drink, provided in the Capitol Theatre before the performance. To reserve tickets, or for more information, please email boxoffice@ichstm2013.com.

Those attending may also be interested in a short walk about Turing taking place on Monday lunchtime, which will visit two of the locations on the old University of Manchester campus which were a focus for Turing’s work.

Location: Capitol Theatre
Mabel Tylecote Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BG
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