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Strange ice
Event code: L345
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Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
Tue 23 July, 16:00–17:30Room G51, Chemistry Building

Though you will find it in every refrigerator in the world, water ice is a material so strange that it breaks almost every rule in our textbooks. Chemist Andrea Sella delves into the intriguing world of ice, inspecting its properties and how it compares to other ices. Along the way we’ll see how we came realize how little we really know about its structure, and wonder whether it may warn of a future much less certain than we imagine…

Andrea Sella is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University College London. Beyond his traditional research output, he is well known for his captivating demonstrations of chemical phenomena for schools, science festivals and other public audiences, and as a popular broadcaster. He also contributes the ‘Classic Kit’ column for Chemistry World. You can find out more at his blog.

Location: Room G51, Chemistry Building
Brunswick Street (main University campus)
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