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Music: Dave Haslam, Haçienda DJ
Event code: K334
Thu 25 July, 21:00–23:00Jabez Clegg

Popular music has been fundamental to Manchester’s local culture since the days of the Industrial Revolution. In more recent years, however, Manchester music has found a place on the world stage through pioneering bands such as Joy Division/New Order, the Factory record label, and the seminal nightclub, FAC51 The Haçienda. The club was central to the acid house and rave scenes of the late 1980s and 1990s which radically transformed popular perceptions of the city, as stock visions of grimy Cottonopolis gave way to the vibrant ‘Madchester’ commemorated in the 2002 feature film, 24 Hour Party People.

 This club night is devoted to a set by DJ Dave Haslam, who presents a tour of the world of the Haçiendathrough its landmark tunes. Dave Haslam made over 450 appearances at the Haçienda, from 1986 to the venue’s final night in 1997, and has performed in Detroit, Berlin, Zurich, Ibiza, New York, Lima, and Geneva. He is also a writer, broadcaster and lecturer on the past and present of Manchester’s popular culture, and in particular music. His book Manchester, England (London: HarperCollins, 1999) combines a historical survey with his own perspective as a witness to the radical changes that occurred in the city during the 1980s.

This event is open to Congress delegates at a reduced charge of £5.   

For more information about Dave Haslam, see his website: www.davehaslam.com

This club night follows on from the special discussion session Of music, engineers and drugs: when Cottonopolis became Madchester on Wednesday afternoon. Dave Haslam will be speaking at this event and will be joined by musician Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), historian of technology Susan Schmidt Horning and historian of medicine James Mills. These event is free to all delegates.

Location: Jabez Clegg
2 Portsmouth Street, M13 9GB (off Dover Street on the main University campus)
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