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Music: The Noisy Frame. Lives of clothmakers in song and testimony, 1780-1840
Event code: K331
Mon 22 July, 21:00–22:30Jabez Clegg

 The tumultuous changes and conflicts of the Industrial Revolution deeply affected the local populace in the North of England, and especially the cloth makers. The good times of the late eighteen century, the Napoleonic wars, the violent reaction of Luddism to attempted mechanisation, and the beginnings of the factory system inspired them to produce ballads that now provide a precious heritage for folk musicians.

Based in the Pennine village of Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, Annie Dearman (voice, Jew’s harp) and Steve Harrison (melodeon, mouth organs, banjo) take us back to the noisy frame of the Industrial Revolution with songs, narratives and pictorial evidence all dating from those times. They have a particular love of songs that tell historical stories, in a robust and firmly rooted English style, taking their repertory from traditional singers, the folk song collectors, printed ballad sheets, and songs and tunes that they happen to hear and like.

 This event is free to Congress attendees.

For further information, see the website: www.dearmanharrison.co.uk

Location: Jabez Clegg
2 Portsmouth Street, M13 9GB (off Dover Street on the main University campus)
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